Sense Technologies and AWTI 3rd Eye MobileVision announced a strategic partnership in the integration of vision-and-sensor-based technologies for blind spot safety and proximity detection for commercial vehicles.

Sense Technologies develops and markets backing awareness products, while AWTI 3rd Eye MobileVision makes heavy-duty mobile video systems and has introduced 3rd Eye MobileVision integrated safety systems.

Now, through the integration of active Doppler Radar and live action camera technologies, a driver will be alerted to dangers of backing commercial vehicles with improved ability to observe and detect hazards while backing or changing lanes.

"This opportunity to integrate sensor-and-vision-based technologies promotes even more innovation and applications dedicated to saving lives while increasing uptime and reducing costs," says Sense Technologies Inc. President and CEO Bruce Schreiner.

AWTI/3rd Eye Mobile Vision President and CEO Darrick Reed predicts that waste, utilities, construction, mining and over-the-road fleets, along with the Fire/ EMS industries and public transportation markets, will benefit from the integration of these technologies.