Image: SmartDrive

Image: SmartDrive

SmartDrive Systems has introduced the SmartDrive SmartSense line of intelligent driver-assist sensors designed to identify dangerous driving risks.

By combining purpose-built sensors with engine computer data, telematics, accelerometer, and SmartDrive analytic data, the company has developed a solution to more accurately identify risk. With the SmartDrive’s video review and a training database of over 200 million analyzed risky driving events, the sensor algorithms can be tuned to optimize triggering efficacy and system performance.

The first sensor in the suite, SmartSense for Distracted Driving, uses these advanced computer vision-based algorithms, paired with the SmartDrive video analytics platform, to address distracted and inattentive driving.

When combined with the SmartDrive program and its Extended Recording capability, SmartSense offers fleets a more complete picture of what led to driver distraction, how it manifested and what the outcome was, enabling fleets to provide detailed feedback and actionable coaching to improve driver safety.

Instead of relying exclusively on vehicle maneuvers, such as hard braking, aggressive swerving or lane departure to capture driver cell-phone use or other causes of distraction, the SmartSensor interprets driver cues proven to accurately indicate distraction, such as head and eye movements. When the sensor detects distraction, inattention or drowsiness, it triggers a video, which is prioritized and offloaded for immediate verification and intervention, allowing fleets to act quickly.

SmartSense for Distracted Driving operates with the SmartDrive video analytics platform and includes:

  • Distraction and inattention triggers that detect when eyes are off the road for a defined time period or a driver has exceeded a specific number of distracted incidents
  • Purpose-built hardware with infrared sensors to capture distraction even when sunglasses are worn
  • In-cab alerts when distraction or inattention occurs
  • Prioritized review and risk scoring for video of distraction events
  • Integration with the proven SmartDrive video safety program

SmartSense for Distracted Driving will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

"With the SmartSense product line, we are taking a different approach by fusing sensor, vehicle, and environmental data—creating a convergence of information that makes the entire system smarter and better able to help fleets prepare drivers for a world of more autonomous technology,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive.