Denso Corp. says it's starting a new company, NSITEXE Inc., to design and develop semiconductor IP cores – key semiconductor components for automated driving technology, according to the company.

Advanced electronic controls are needed for in-vehicle technologies such as advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving in next-generation vehicles. Denso’s new company will develop high-performance, low-power semiconductors that will be required in these vehicle technologies to process large amounts of data from sensors and external communications at a high speed. The data is used to help the systems make decisions for automated driving functions.

NSITEXE’s next-generation processors will be designed to collect and analyze that sensor and communications data to determine what the vehicle needs to do. The semiconductor IP Cores optimized for in-vehicle applications will then be licensed to in-vehicle microcomputer and system-on-a-chip manufacturers for use in driver assistance and automated vehicle systems.

The company will be established in September with an initial capital investment of around $1 million. It will be completely owned by Denso and be headed by Yukihide Niimi as president.