Photo: CarriersEdge

Photo: CarriersEdge

CarriersEdge has announced a course on accident reporting to help drivers deal with an accident scene and handle the stressful situation.

The course is more than a basic list of steps to follow, according to Jane Jazrawy, CEO; instead it teaches a full process that is designed to be easy to remember for drivers.

“The best time to plan how to handle an accident is before it happens,” said Jazrawy.  “We’ve designed a course to give drivers the tools they need so that when an accident occurs they know how to prevent further damage or injury, work with law-enforcement and emergency personnel, and gather information, all while staying calm.”

The course teaches a simple four-step process – stop, secure, report and document – and what goes into each. Topics covered in the course include:

  • Appropriate behavior at an accident scene
  • How to secure a vehicle with warning signals
  • How to assist the injured
  • Information to be included in an accident report and how to collect witness information and take photographs
  • Drug and alcohol testing

The course also addresses post-traumatic stress disorder for drivers who have been involved in accidents. The course was developed with feedback from fleets as well as with insurance companies.

“Our insurance partners really saw a gap in their clients’ knowledge base with regard to accident scene reporting,” said Jazrawy. “We were able to combine our own research into truck-safety best practices and what those partners have learned to come up with training that answers that need.”

The course is part of CarriersEdge's employee training offering, a library that includes more than 70 full-length and refresher/remedial courses, covering topics such as cargo securement, hours of service rules, logbooks, and safe driving techniques.

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