Solar panel system provider eNow is offering the Wireless Monitoring System for commercial vehicles. It's designed to provide updates on the state of charge and state of health of the batteries.

The system looks at both the source and usage of power to offer a better understanding of the power balance between all inputs and outputs. This allows the solution to be both a battery and power management system with the ability to also monitor air conditioning, hotel loads and liftgate usage.

The Wireless Monitoring System can be accessed through a desktop PC, Mac or mobile device.

“This new solution fits in with our overall vision to make life easier and more prosperous for fleet owners and commercial drivers as well as to help the environment,” said Jeff Flath, founder and CEO of eNow. “Preventative maintenance saves both time and money, which is what this system enables one to do.”

The solution's sensors can now provide a better management view of the battery health of an entire truck fleet and can be monitored from a remote location and displayed on a smartphone. This kind of monitoring can prevent problems such as liftgate failure due to lack of battery power. In addition to being able to measure both incoming and outgoing power, it also stores data in the cloud for easier access.

The wireless battery monitor is a device that collects data on the charging and discharging of a battery or bank of batteries. It is typically located near the battery. The current flowing in and out of the battery is measured by installing the device in series with the negative or positive leads of the battery. The device measures the voltage of the battery.

It includes a temperature sensor either built into the device or externally that will connect to the battery case or terminal.  It also has a real-time clock, memory, and internal battery to maintain data and time when not connected to a power source or the cloud.