<p><strong>The 16.1-liter Volvo D16 and Mack MP10 diesel are going out of production for lack of customer demand. <em>Image: Volvo Trucks</em></strong></p>

Volvo Trucks North America announced to its dealers on Jan. 20 that effective immediately, the OEM would cease production and distribution of its 16.1-liter D16 diesel engine. Aftermarket service and support for all D16s currently in the field will continue unimpeded.

The decision to cease 16-liter engine production will also affect Mack Trucks, a sister company under the Volvo Group. Therefore, Mack will stop offering its MP10 16.1-liter diesel, which shares major design and production attributes with the D16.

According to a company spokesperson, Volvo made the decision based on limited demand for the large-displacement diesel and the long-term investment that would be required to keep it in the market.

Additionally, Volvo noted that general trends in the North American trucking industry toward smaller-displacement diesels, which are lighter and more fuel efficient, also bolstered the determination to cease D16 production. Production of Volvo’s 12.8-liter D13 diesel will not be affected.

<p><strong>D16 was the only engine offered in Volvo's VNX. The truck might continue with alternative power, perhaps the Cummins X15. &nbsp;<em>Photo: Tom Berg</em></strong></p>

The D16 engine was an option on Volvo VNL and VNX models. The VNL will continue to be available with the Volvo D11, Volvo D13 and Cummins X15 engines.

Volvo said the heavy-duty VNX model will remain in its product lineup. The company is currently evaluating engine solutions that will allow it to keep offering it in the future.

<p><strong>Mack says it will discontinue both the MP10 and its Titan heavy-haul tractor. Taking its place will be versions of the Pinnacle and Granite models. <em>Photo: Tom Berg&nbsp;</em></strong></p>

However, Mack's heavy-haul Class 8 tractor, the Titan, will be discontinued. A company spokesperson said that decision was made because many of the applications that the Titan serves can be handled by Mack Pinnacle and Granite models equipped with the newer higher horsepower and torque outputs of the Mack MP8 12.8-liter engine. Mack will continue to provide full aftermarket service and support to Titan customers.

Volvo also said it intends, for the interim, to offer an “X-package” for the VNL model, which will provide the ride height and heavy-haul attributes of the VNX with 500-hp versions of either the Volvo D13 or Cummins X15 engine.

The Volvo package will include a 20,000-lb front axle, dual steering gears, heavy-duty bumper, chrome grille, and high ride height for improved ground clearance. The Volvo I-Shift AMT is standard on trucks equipped with a D11 or D13 engine and manual transmissions are available as an option. The X15 engine is available with a manual transmission or with the Eaton Ultrashift transmission.

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