Working with TCA inGauge online benchmarking service, McLeod Software has created an automated reporting function that allows for monthly data exports from the LoadMaster Enterprise system.

The exported data includes all 334 items submitted monthly by the Best Practice Group members and the 72 items submitted by the online subscribers in the inGauge program.  

The company said this new product makes the accurate export of required data fast and simple and ensures consistency in creating the data imported by inGauge.

“We recognize the great value that our customers are getting by participating in the TCA benchmarking initiative,” said Tom McLeod, founder and CEO of McLeod Software. “We want to make it easy for our customers to participate, so we have invested in helping to remove most of the labor required to collect and organize the necessary inputs for the benchmarking program.”

InGauge was created by TCA as a way to aggregate real operational data from the “mainstreet” of trucking instead of outdated operational benchmark data.

The program analyzes the data and anonymously ranks subscriber performance to help identify and motivate members to focus efforts on areas of business that can drive performance and efficiency. InGauge will be exhibited at the McLeod Software User Conference in San Antonio, Texas, taking place from Sept.18-20.

“I hope that having access to this automated process will encourage even more of our customers to participate in the TCA Benchmarking initiatives,” said McLeod.