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Provider of cloud-based, data-driven tools for the transportation industry FR8 Revolution has launched, a new platform and marketplace with routing, scheduling and tracking features. helps carriers schedule, route and load their trucks and offers real-time load tracking for shippers. Since receiving an $8.5 million investment from European truck manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus AG, has been in a closed beta with select carriers, shippers and brokers, undergoing finalizing and testing.

The platform gives small- and medium-sized fleet owners more control and oversight of fleets through an online dashboard. The software tracks a fleet of up to 500 trucks, providing carriers and shippers real-time notification of estimated arrival dates and times.

When fleets have excess capacity or backhauls to fill, can find freight to fill, improving fleet utilization and reducing wasted fuel and emissions from driving empty miles.

For drivers, has a companion driver mobile app that provides routing and schedule information, helps drivers establish a reliability track record, and gives drivers details on when they can expect to pick up additional shipments or when they will be home next. By giving drivers input and visibility into their schedule and an anonymous way to rate their experience with docks and shippers, aims to improve their lives on the road, noted the company.

“FR8 Revolution is building the operating system for the entire trucking industry,” said Matthew Kropp, CEO of FR8 Revolution. “Our beta test has been well-received and widely successful and we are excited to open up our platform to even more carriers.”

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