Sylectus Mobile App via Google Play

Sylectus Mobile App via Google Play

Omnitracs has made vehicle location tracking and circle of service notifications available through the Sylectus Mobile On Demand feature of the Sylectus Mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The feature automates position and shipment event updates for any vehicle hauling for fleets equipped with the Sylectus Transportation Management System, regardless of whether or not the vehicle is outfitted with a telematics solution.

Omnitracs said fleets can use third-party vehicles to expand capacity while still being able to track and be updated on the status of loads. The app’s circle of service, imaging and signature capture features can also deliver productivity and efficiency gains for drivers and fleet managers.

Sylectus Mobile On Demand provides third-party position updates every 5, 15, or 60 minutes, enabling drivers to update load status directly and enabling dispatchers to intervene in the case of problems to provide delivery updates to customers.

"The new mobile app functionality also keeps drivers happier by simplifying and automating information exchange with dispatch, whether through arrival and departure updates or transmission of signature capture and document imaging assets,” said Kim Drouillard, director of sales and implementation at Omnitracs Sylectus. "A growing number of fleets rely on our SaaS-based TMS for mobile asset management and dispatch. Sylectus Mobile On Demand further enhances their ability to scale capacity to customer demand quickly and take on every new business opportunity, adding revenue to the bottom line.”

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