Image via Omnitracs

Image via Omnitracs

Omnitracs has released Roadnet Transportation Suite version 3.7.4, with added functionality, new features and enhancements to the suite’s FleetLoader, MobileCast and Roadnet products.

The new edition includes visibility improvements to driver activities to help fleets plan, manage and route trucks more efficiently.

The latest version of Roadnet Transportation Suite enables drivers to relocate their layovers on routes so that if an incident occurs that forces drivers to spend a layover in a location different than originally planned, they can adjust their route to match what actually occurred.

MobileCast has been updated with the ability to recognize compartments within a truck while suggesting a route on which to add a stop. The capability delivers information to fleets as certain cargo products cannot be mixed due to compatibility issues.

With intelligent search and recognition, MobileCast can identify vehicles that have compartments containing compatible product or compartments that are completely empty.

This allows a truck to carry a mix of cargo for the full route. Additional functionality in MobileCast gives drivers the ability to mark a stop as undeliverable or to annotate whether a re-attempt at delivery should be made a later point in time along the route.

The Roadnet Transportation Suite now offers more user-defined fields to enable drivers additional room to provide important information regarding stops or equipment involved in their routes. FleetLoader helps drivers with cargo loading/unloading by maximizing use of lower and empty bays while minimizing the use of wheel and upper bays. That also helps combat safety hazards associated with cargo shifts that take place as a result of sharp turns.

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