Pride Transport has made several changes to its driver pay scale. which the company said will include substantial mileage pay increases for all incoming and existing reefer drivers. The company has also implemented the Omnitracs Analytics Driver Retention Model across its fleet to reduce turnover and enhance driver safety.

Pride’s new Pay For Performance plan will give each driver at least a 2 cent increase in pay per mile. That will up the pay range to run from 33 cents to  42 cents per mile, depending on experience level. In addition to the pay increase for reefer drivers. Pride has also announced six paid holidays a year for all drivers.

The PFP plan rewards drivers who display high levels of safety, customer service, fuel economy and productivity. Drivers at Pride will be able to earn additional pay increases as often as every 10 months. Drivers will be given points for miles, fuel efficiency and on-time performance each month with a maximum score of 1000 points. When a driver accumulates 10,000 points they earn another pay increase.

Drivers are also eligible for a monthly mileage bonus and fuel bonus based on key metrics. These bonuses range from 1 cent to 7 cents per mile and are paid the following month. Pride has also started installing DirecTV in their trucks, paying all or part of the monthly subscription if a driver maintains above a 700 score each month.

“We utilized driver focus groups to ensure our drivers had a voice in the process and that the end product was easy to understand,” said Jay England, CEO of Pride. “We provide the drivers with an up-to-date point total on every pay statement so they can see exactly where they stand.”

Pride also implemented the Omnitracs Driver Retention Model, which analyzes historical data to identify drivers who are most likely to leave and then recommends a plan to prevent it. The model identifies patterns or changes in driver behavior that correlate with voluntary terminations likely to occur in the near future.

Within the first six months of implementing the Driver Retention Model, Pride has reduced its driver turnover rate to 85% and reported a return on investment of 714%.

“After consulting with several like-minded fleets, we selected Omnitracs Analytics’ Driver Retention Model and have been extremely impressed with the initial results,” said England. “This technology has been instrumental in helping us reduce driver turnover and will continue to be a big part of our retention program.”