One company aims to make DOT medical exams available at truckstops. (File photo)

One company aims to make DOT medical exams available at truckstops. (File photo)

Truck Stop Health Care is planning to make DOT physicals for CDL drivers available at truckstops in all states across the U.S.

CDL drivers are required to have a DOT physical every two years, and allowing them to be examined at truckstops is more convenient and will save drivers time, says Truck Stop Health Care.

FMCSA-certified medical examiners will be sub-contracted to perform DOT physicals at truckstops and transmit medical certificate data to DMV offices where permitted. Drivers or their employers can schedule a physical on the driver’s route and a medical certificate will be printed on site.

Truck Stop Health Care was founded by a husband and wife team of  physicians, Dr. Gunwant S. Dhaliwal, board certified internist and FMCSA certified medical examiner and Dr. Tejinder Dhaliwal, a board certified anesthesiologist.

They are working to lease space from truck stop owners across the U.S. for DOT physicals to be performed. Truck Stop Health Care is enlisting the help of industry professionals and regional coordinators and will arrange the physicals through DOT specific software on iPads. 

Local doctors, nurse practitioners and chiropractors will be sub-contracted to work part-time or full-time for the venture. Medical examiners will take a test in order to be certified in DOT physicals.

The average medical examiner will be able to accomplish 30 physicals per day with the help of two assistants and all CDL drivers with medical issues will be referred to their primary care physicians or other providers in the area.

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