Navistar's Bill Kozek talks to reporters at MATS Thursday.

Navistar's Bill Kozek talks to reporters at MATS Thursday.

MATS, LOUISVILLE, KY. -- Navistar International says it's leaving the past and moving ahead, and new technologies are a key part of that. The road forward is paved with selective catalytic reduction, Diamond Logic multiplexing and the new OnCommand Connection telematics, its president said at the Mid-America Trucking Show Thursday morning.

"There's been a lot of discussions about things that happened in the past, but now we're moving forward," said Bill Kozek, president, Navistar North American Trucks and Parts.

"We're producing the best vehicles we've produced in our history," he said, noting that the company's first SCR truck to hit the market was named the American Truck Dealers’ Heavy Duty Commercial Truck of the Year.

Navistar, he said, is giving customers more options, more flexibility, and more control in selecting the right truck with the right components for their business.

"We're thinking harder about the role of new technologies," he said.

The newest of these is OnCommand Connection. Named by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine to its 2014 Top 20 Products list, the remote diagnostics system works with third-party telematics providers.

Navistar shows off its OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics program at MATS.

Navistar shows off its OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics program at MATS.

The company is now testing a mobile OnCommand Connection website and app to make diagnostics and service tools accessible to fleet managers anywhere and anytime.

The service currently supports more than 30,000 vehicles and offers fleet managers access to real-time fault codes, vehicle locations, nearby dealer locations and fault code actions plans within an online portal.

“We believe we are scratching the surface of the capabilities we offer the industry with OnCommand Connection,” Kozek said. “By integrating support services into OnCommand Connection that achieve more efficient repairs and maintenance, better lifecycle value and overall lower total cost of ownership, we provide our customers with increased visibility and control over their businesses.”

Navistar has been a pioneer in custom programmable chassis electronics and multiplexing since 2001, he said. The company has continued to closely partner with end users and body builders to further increase productivity.

Diamond Logic helps vocational customers work smarter, faster and safer, while preventing operators from inadvertently damaging valuable equipment.

“Our Diamond Logic operating system is best known for its ability to provide control and communication between work trucks and body equipment,” Kozek said.

“Diamond Logic addresses convenience and safety on behalf of our customers while automatic and automated manual transmissions work to reduce the variance between expert drivers and first-timers.”