Truckload carrier Schneider National plans to outfit its entire fleet with the Deflecktor Aero Wheel Cover, an aerodynamic wheel cover designed to improve the mpg efficiency of the vehicle.
According to Schneider, the fleet should realize an additional fuel savings of 1.8 million gallons annually.

"Since the deep-inset wheel creates aerodynamic resistance when the tractor is in motion, I knew that smoothing wheel contours with a simple, lightweight device would reduce the overall coefficient of drag and thereby increase energy efficiency," said Jon Fleck, owner of A de F, Ltd., a Minnesota-based entrepreneurial company that developed the product.

The four drive positions of each Schneider tractor are being outfitted with this new device. So far, 6,000 units have been installed on 1,500 tractors.

"The portion of the fleet already running with the Deflecktor is performing just as we expected," said Steve Duley, vice president of purchasing at Schneider National. "We spent over two years testing this device, and the results we got were consistently positive in regard to fuel savings: almost 1 percent per tractor."

Duley also said that drivers are giving the Deflecktor good reviews, citing them as easy to install and remove and extremely durable, even through the toughest weather conditions.

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