New Decisiv applications for fleets provide the ability to manage internal and external...

New Decisiv applications for fleets provide the ability to manage internal and external maintenance and repair activities.

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Citing the need for smoother, more streamlined fleet maintenance and more insight into operations, Decisiv announced a new slate of maintenance services that will help shops “expand their maintenance ecosystems.”

During a press conference at the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council meeting in Orlando, Florida, Ralph Dimenna, chief revenue office Decisiv, outlined several new services that he said will now be part of the company’s relationship management offerings.

SRM Discovery Service Priorities Monitor provides fleets insights and analytics into internal and external service operations, and can offer immediate, actionable asset service and performance data.

According to Dimenna, this system uses a dashboard interface that any fleet can use to drill down and extract data on its operations.

“It tells them what’s going on with all of their assets today, and how do [they] get eyes on what’s going on with any particular asset that may be down or maybe waiting or something,” he added.

SRM Intelligent Maintenance will give fleets streamlined preventive maintenance and repair processes, both for internal use and with outside service providers. Dimenna said it will allow fleets to take control of scheduling and planning all of their preventive maintenance.

“They can push that into our ecosystem or manage it themselves, keeping eyes on all those service providers,” he said.

SRM Total Service Management “can bring all of these services together into a single place, as an end-to-end service management platform for fleets performing their own maintenance,” Dimenna said. “This really brings everything together. It is designed for fleets that want to do everything and manage all of their service events — both internal and external — and want all their assets on one platform. They can see everything that’s going on with their assets and ensure they’re getting the maximum performance out of them.”

In addition, in the case of the SRM Case Estimator for Uptime Pro, data on vehicles from Daimler Truck North America has been added, including both Freightliner and Western Star brands, according to Dick Hyatt, president and CEO of Decisiv.

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