Nauto will work closely with International Truck dealers to provide Nauto's AI-driven safety...

Nauto will work closely with International Truck dealers to provide Nauto's AI-driven safety tech tailored for heavy-duty vehicles. 

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Navistar will make Nauto's predictive-AI vehicle safety solution available for new fleet vehicle purchases or as an upgrade for existing fleet vehicles throughout International Truck's network of more than 1,000 dealers.

Nauto's AI technology is designed to track and analyze risk in real-time. When it detects risks, it can provide warnings that may give drivers extra time to respond. Nauto's tech is trained on more than 1.3 billion AI-processed driving miles to make alerts accurate, helping to eliminate issues around alert fatigue from false alerts, according to the company.

Navistar said it continues to invest in safety innovation as part of its commitment to create safer roads for all by making driver safety features available to its fleet customers. 

"Navistar has always been a pioneer in industry-leading aftermarket offerings, and the AI driven Nauto camera system further builds on that legacy," said Chintan Sopariwala, group VP, Parts, Navistar, in a release. "With the addition of Nauto's predictive-AI safety technology to our aftermarket parts portfolio, we are taking a significant step forward towards our commitment to safer roads through safer driving."

"Nauto's partnership with Navistar is an important milestone in terms of commercial fleet industry adoption. Our in-vehicle alerts and fleet safety reporting are designed to automatically help drivers be safer without manager involvement and help prevent collisions while respecting driver privacy," said Stefan Heck, CEO, Nauto. "We enable our customers to benefit from an average 50%-80% drop in collisions and loss in just a few months and to exonerate their drivers." 

The two companies said they will explore deeper integration for existing and new fleets, and continue to collaborate on the reduction of distracted-driving events and collisions.

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