The Solar Tracker allows fleets to track non-powered assets such as trailers and containers.  -  Photo: Teletrac Navman

The Solar Tracker allows fleets to track non-powered assets such as trailers and containers.

Photo: Teletrac Navman

A new solar-powered tracker is now available for truck fleets from Teletrac Navman, a global software-as-a-service provider that uses location-based technology and services for managing mobile assets. The new tracking device is designed to monitor and track powered and non-powered assets such as trailers and containers.

The Solar Tracker is a GPS device that runs on solar power by day and long-lasting batteries by night for around-the-clock coverage of a fleet business’ valuable assets, the company said.

Fleet and asset managers can use the data accumulated by the device to manage a more accurate invoicing system and to know what assets are available for jobs.

“One of the biggest challenges that fleets face, whether it’s a shipping company, a specialty service company or a government agency, is protecting its vehicles and mobile assets,” said Andrew Rossington, chief product officer of Teletrac Navman. “The Solar Tracker offers a simple and sensible solution by alerting the back office in real time whenever the asset is on the move.”

The Solar Tracker is fully integrated with Teletrac Navman’s AI-enabled TN360 operating platform, as well as the Director platform. Both systems allow the Solar Tracker to provide fleet managers with a view all of their trailers, and non-powered assets simultaneously on the same system.

“We’re finding that GPS and other data technologies can provide functions that transcend the original intentions of simple mapping. With advanced processing, artificial intelligence and – in this case – solar power, the sky is clearly the limit for the future of fleet and telematics,” said Nick Jones, president of Teletrac Navman. “By using sustainable energy like solar, we take great pride in providing practical innovations that not only help clients make smarter decisions but also empower them to limit their carbon footprints.”

The company said the Solar Tracker device is easy to install and suitable for inclement weather.

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