Cargo Transporters Adds Driver-Centric Features to App

Photo: Cargo Transporters

Asset-based regional/national carrier Cargo Transporters has added new features to its driveCT mobile app, including trailer locating and online safety training.

“The latest additions for finding trailers and accessing online safety training were a direct result of driver input that put important and useful information at our drivers’ fingertips,” said Jerry Sigmon Jr., COO at Cargo Transporters. “We always encourage dialogue between drivers and fleet managers because it’s the best way to get new ideas that lead to improved driver safety, comfort, efficiency and satisfaction.”

The driveCT app’s new Find the Trailer feature allows Cargo Transporters drivers to locate trailers by entering a trailer number to find the location of a unit in the carrier’s lot and at customer locations. The capability also allows drivers to map how far a trailer is from an exchange point during relay operations.

Drivers can also access online training provided by Instructional Technologies, Inc., which covers a range of safety and seasonal topics and can be based on an analysis of what instruction is needed by each driver.

“Our drivers had already found the driveCT app’s tractor locator very helpful so they asked about enabling that capability for trailers,” Sigmon explained. “They also requested a way to have more flexibility to complete training remotely because it was difficult for them to schedule in-house lessons.”

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