Jones Performance Products will unveil the first-ever fiberglass hood for the 379 Peterbilt at the Mid-America Trucking Show this week.

Like the OE aluminum hood, the JP fiberglass hood comes with bolt-on fenders. It can be ordered as a complete unit, or the center section and fender units can be ordered separately.
JPP can turn the hood into a one-of-a-kind Truk-Rodz Original by integrating scoops, scallops, or NACA ducts according to the customer’s preferences.
For the first time, a 379 Pete owner can have a truck that is different from all the others out there – at a lower cost than ever before.
JPP will also introduce three other hoods:
-- a standard replacement hood for the Ford LT Butterfly that can replace both square and round headlight OE hoods.
-- a one-piece design for the Freightliner Century 120C that can replace the three-piece OE unit, with two variations to fit trucks with outboard or inboard mounted hinges.
-- a standard replacement hood for the Kenworth W900L Straight Cowl non-aero truck.
Jones Performance will also offer another Truk-Rodz version of the W900L Straight Cowl, with standard headlight design and a three-inch drop in the fender openings. This will complement the W900L Production Truk-Rodz design introduced last year, which has the three-inch drop in fender openings and shaved fenders.
Jones Performance has been producing aftermarket fiberglass hoods for more than 25 years, currently offering standard replacement hoods for more than 85 different models of all major truck makes.
Jones Performance and its custom truck division, Truk-Rodz, will also participate as a sponsor of the Paul K. Young Memorial Truck Beauty Show, presented by Stars and Stripes, as well as the first Mid-America Big Rig Build-off.
Visit Jones Performance/Truk-Rodz at the Mid-America Trucking Show, booth number 5250.