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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass, which includes Drivewyze Safety Notifications service, has added in-cab notifications to inform drivers of the number of parking spots available at 10 rest areas throughout Indiana, a first for the company’s COVID-19 response rest area alerts initiative.

Drivewyze recently added parking area open/close notifications for drivers in Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, Virginia, and Ohio.

“Truck parking availability is a chronic problem in the trucking industry, made worse by the COVID-19 crisis,” said Brian Heath, CEO of Drivewyze. “We’ve leveraged integrations with our state partner and utilized smart infrastructure data to help drivers and go one step further than previous open/close status sharing.”

Rest areas in Indiana have incorporated truck parking detection technology that allows the Indiana DOT to monitor and share real-time parking space availability.

The notification alerts, which begin about 25 miles from the stops, are updated at five miles out.

“There’s no question that proper rest is an important factor in helping our industry to be safe. We appreciate this Drivewyze technology which will give drivers valuable information about available parking in rest areas and help to address the ongoing driver parking shortage issue,” said Gary Langston, president of the Indiana Motor Truck Association.

Drivewyze’s temporary rest area notifications will continue for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

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