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Photo: da-kuk via iStock

Useful resources for trucking during the COVID-19 pandemic

Updated April 3, 2020. The nation and the world are facing an unprecedented situation as we grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus that first appeared in China late last year. It has many, many effects on the trucking industry, which the nation is relying on to keep vital supplies moving, even as government officials are prohibiting large public gatherings, closing schools, shuttering offices, and more. We are updating this page frequently to bring you additional resources.

Selected Coverage of COVID-19 and Trucking

Full coverage is available here

COVID-19 Trucking Relief Emergency Declarations

More regulatory waivers and guidance

Association Resources

Other Resources

Maps showing spread of coronavirus:

"Flattening the curve": Why we need to cancel everything and stay home to help stop coronavirus (CBS)

Driver-to-driver advice: Surviving COVID-19 and the Road’s Unhealthy Reality