-  Image: Kingsgate Logistics

Image: Kingsgate Logistics

Kingsgate Logistics has joined a pilot program that provides early access to a suite of predictive rates and analytics tools from DAT Solutions. Kingsgate will use DAT’s rate forecasting models and data to provide its network of nearly 65,000 freight carriers and shippers with improved pricing transparency. DAT forecasting tools generate rate predictions based on current market conditions, price momentum, and five years of historical data.

“We’re looking for technology that can help us streamline pricing while anticipating long- and short-term changes in the transportation marketplace. We’re excited to put these new tools to use,” said Jeff Beckham, CEO and owning partner at Kingsgate.

DAT’s pricing models for Kingsgate will incorporate a new supply and demand indicator based on load and truck posts and searches, transaction behavior, and historical trends. Kingsgate will also use Book Now, a one-click load-tendering feature that eliminates phone calls, lengthy negotiations, and manual processes for its brokers and carriers.

DAT’s analytics and forecasting tools are powered by RateView, a source of spot and contract rate data available with $68 billion of actual market transactions each year.

“Kingsgate is an innovator in the use of technology to build trust and confidence among shippers, brokers, and carriers alike while managing thousands of transactions,” said Claude Pumilia, DAT Solutions CEO and President. “They’re a valuable addition to our early-access programs as we move toward commercial launches in Q2 of this year.”

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