Laura Lohrke, Omnitracs lead product manager, discusses features of the Omnitracs Drive...

Laura Lohrke, Omnitracs lead product manager, discusses features of the Omnitracs Drive application during the company’s Outlook 2020 User Conference.

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A unified workflow application that allows drivers to access multiple applications from one device with only one login is the central goal of Omnitracs Drive, according to Laura Lohrke, Omnitracs lead project manager.

Speaking at a session on deploying the application for last-mile operations held Sept. 18, Lohrke explained how the application allows drivers to execute trips, delivery and service tasks, monitor HOS compliance plus many other tasks that drivers do every day.

The application offers drivers location-based guidance, leading them through a trip from start to finish and every stop in between.

It also alerts drivers to their current duty status, and prompts them to change that status as needed, from on-duty driving the to on-duty not driving while making a delivery, for instance.

Among the tasks that can be included in the workflow are trip scheduling, navigation, hours-of-service, vehicle inspections, messaging, safety monitoring, IFTA reporting, document management, weigh station bypass and co-driver login. As for Navigation, it can be configured to call up whichever mapping a fleet uses including ALK Copilot, Omnitracs Navigation, Google Maps or Waze.

The application includes a workflow designer that allows fleet managers to configure specific tasks for each step. Picking up a return load for instance. It also allows drivers to select their language preference.

Once configured and a driver begins their day, a color-based prompt screen shows drivers the next step in the workflow, for instance, after starting a trip, the next prompt is for the vehicle inspection, which can be configured to meet the needs of a specific fleet. The next prompt may be to check fuel. Then at each delivery location, the application gives the driver all pertinent delivery information. Once that delivery is completed, the application will move on to the next location.

Mobile devices that are currently supported include Samsung Tab Active A and Samsung Tab A. Devices that will be supported in the future include additional Android tables, Android phone support (due the first half of this year) and iOS phones (due second half of this year.)

Introduce in November, Omnitracs Drive is currently long-haul focused and integrated with the Omnitracs One platform. It also features integration with major TMS providers. In the second quarter of this year, last-mile betas will be tested, with additional enhancements to the Last Mile task expected by the third quarter of this year. That will include mobile enhancements. By the end of the year, Omnitracs Drive will gain back-office tools, including analytics and expanded device support for the IVG, Android and iOS beta.

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