-  Photo: Diesel Laptops

Photo: Diesel Laptops

Diesel Laptops announced the expansion of its offerings during Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in Dallas, Texas. 

Truck Parts Premium is a new subscription-based service that has bundled several tools together.

  • Mass Cross: This tool allows users to cross reference thousands of parts numbers quickly.
  • Inventory Analysis: This allows users to upload their inventory file to discover overlaps. Tyler Robertson, founder and CEO, explained that most places do not even realize they have product overlaps. He adds that there can be as much as a 2% overlap. “Using inventory analysis, users can reduce the amount of inventory they carry.”
  • Manufacturer Compare: This tool identifies which parts are identical and which are unique between parts manufactures and OEMs.
  • Mass VMRS: Users can code their entire inventory with VMRS coding, which Robertson said will eliminate human error in in service writing.

Robertson said the new offering is “a logical expansion of the company’s Truck Parts Cross, a part reference tool it launched in 2018

“The main thing here at Diesel Laptops is our customers, listening to what they have to say.” He said customers told him that they want to increase margin, save money and operate more efficiently.

“We worked with them on what tools they’d need to do that, and Truck Parts Premium is a culmination of that effort.”

Subscriptions to Truck Parts Premium are available in monthly or yearly pages. A basic subscription will be $299 a month with discounts 12-month subscriptions. There will be a $150 charge for each additional user at a location.

Denise Rondini

Denise Rondini

Aftermarket Contributing Editor

Denise Rondini is a highly respected freelance writer in the transportation industry. She has covered the aftermarket and dealer parts and service issues since 1982 and now covers those areas exclusively for Heavy Duty Trucking magazine.