Roehl Enhances Practical Route Mileage Pay

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Roehl Transport is now able to enhance Practical Route Mileage pay with address-to-address mileage calculations.

“This enhancement means that Roehl truck drivers get paid the practical route miles from pick-up address to destination address rather than from city center to city center – so they are getting paid for more of the miles they actually drive,” said Tim Norlin, Roehl Transport's vice president of driver employment.

In 2004, Roehl Transport started offering drivers Practical Route Mileage pay, which at the time represented an increase of nearly 10% from the short route miles. According to Norlin, many carriers still base their pay on this strategy.

Short route miles are the shortest distance between two points traveling on authorized highways. They are calculated from the center of the starting city to the center of the destination city. Short route miles are also known as household goods or HHG miles, and many shippers and carriers base their rates on them.

In contrast, practical route miles are based on roads designated as truck routes and roads that, while perhaps a longer distance, offer time savings. Practical route miles are also calculated using the center of the starting city to the center of the destination city. While more accurate than short route miles, there is still room for inaccuracy in calculating actual miles, because even the most modestly sized cities could be several miles distance from one end to the other.

“Address-to-address practical route miles have the advantages of using the practical route and the actual starting and ending address for a load,” Norlin explained. “As a result, these mileage calculations more accurately reflect the miles Roehl drivers have driven on each load.”

Roehl offers drivers a variety of fleet and home time options including national, regional and dedicated positions with most drivers receiving weekly home time.

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