Convoy App Adds Lumper Payment Option

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Convoy has launched a new service, hassle-free lumper payments that will be available directly in Convoy’s mobile app. Carriers can now request and receive lumper payment codes immediately, eliminating the need for phone calls and reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

When using lumpers, third-party companies that shippers use to load or unload freight from trucks at their facilities, carriers usually call their broker to request a payment code, which can take hours to receive.

“Requesting lumper payments is one of the most frustrating and inefficient processes I have to deal with on a daily basis. But now, it takes just seconds to request and receive a lumper payment code in the Convoy app, which saves me time so I can be more productive every day,” said Taber Harden, owner of TT Hauling LLC, a carrier in Stockbridge, Georgia.

Every load offered on Convoy's digital freight network is eligible for this new feature. Carriers simply select the Lumper Fee in the Convoy mobile app, enter lumper information, and tap submit. Convoy then instantly provides an EFS code that the carrier uses as payment for the lumper service.

“Dealing with lumper payments has been a major pain point for carriers. Yet, the experience fundamentally hasn’t improved for carriers for decades,” said Ziad Ismail, Convoy’s chief product officer.

Convoy first released its free mobile app in 2015 to allow carriers to find, bid on and accept loads, all without ever needing to make a phone call. Convoy was also the first to offer no-hassle detention, which enables carriers to request compensation for additional time spent waiting at facilities.

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