Truck leasing, rental and maintenance company Idealease and the National Private Truck Council are sponsoring a series of one-day private truck fleet safety and compliance seminars focusing on safety technologies and staying compliant with regulations.

The seminar, “Driving Safety Through Business Intelligence in 2019, will be held in 29 cities in the U.S. and Canada from March through October 2019. They are offered at no charge for novice and experience private truck fleet professionals who are Idealease customers, potential customers, or NPTC members.

The seminars are aimed at helping fleets comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, National Safety Code in Canada, and the FMCSA Compliance, Safety and Accountability program.

Many aspects of commercial truck operation are covered including: applicability of federal and state safety regulations, driver qualifications, hours of service and logs, drug and alcohol testing regulations, and vehicle maintenance and inspections. This seminar provides a step by-step approach to help attendees maintain a safe fleet by reducing violations and accidents, and controlling liability exposures.

It includes up to date information to keep private truck fleet managers informed about current and proposed motor carrier regulations that affect their operations and provide important risk control techniques to maintain insurability and control losses. Attendees also learn how to enhance their safety programs above and beyond regulatory requirements.

All seminar attendees receive the Idealease Guide to Transportation Safety and Compliance, a manual that assists fleet managers with safety and compliance documentation, the Idealease Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection DVD for driver education, and a subscription to the Idealease Safety Bulletin, a weekly safety and compliance e-mail publication.

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