Drivewyze, provider of PreClear weigh station bypass services, has launched Drivewyze Insights, a data-driven safety reporting service. The monthly reports, free to Drivewyze customers, provide an easy-to-read analysis of safety and violation information.

The first product in the Insights portfolio is the Drivewyze Insights Safety Summary.

With Drivewyze’s PreClear service, customers receive weigh station bypasses based on a variety of factors, including safety scores.

“The ultimate goal is to help them improve their safety scores. The better safety score, the better the bypass rate,” Doug Johnson, Drivewyze vice president of marketing, told HDT.

Safety scores are driven by crash and inspection data, explained Drivewyze President and CEO Brian Heath in a release. “A lot of carriers focus on crash data, but inspection data is a significant driver of a carrier’s safety scores. Unfortunately, it is not easy for fleets to track inspection data for trends and insights without having to build their own tools for analysis and reporting.”

Johnson explained that because Drivewyze already has direct access to FMCSA databases, it can collect a fleet’s inspection and violation source data across all 50 states as much as three or four weeks earlier than it’s available through FMCSA’s Safety Measurement Portal.  That data is then analyzed to give customer

Highlights provide answers to commonly asked questions like a fleet’s updated ISS score, the total number of inspections and violations during a reporting period, and inspection heat maps by geographical area – including top inspection areas by county, which is not available to carriers through the FMCSA portal.

“We feel that county-level reporting is an important component to improved compliance,” said Heath. “It helps carriers better understand some of the core drivers behind their safety scores and to match compliance-related trends to regional fleet performance.  It provides our customers with better information on how to address the root cause of their violations.”

The Safety Summary shows not only where the most violations are occurring, but alto the top violation types, and weightings by the severity score, as well as how that score compares to a fleet’s peer group.

“So, if a carrier is running 500 trucks for example, the fleet manager can tell if their violation rate is better or worse than their peer group across multiple categories,” Heath said.

The report also lets fleets know if their safety score is likely to change, and why. “So instead of their score changing and they wonder what happened, they can be prepared and not taken by surprise,” and be proactive in fixing the problems.

Johnson said the Safety Summary reports include a lot of data that fleets do have access to already, “but when you log into the FMCSA portal, it’s a ream of data. You can get stuck looking at where the most violations are, but they may not be the most severe.”

The Insights report will be provided in addition to Drivewyze’s existing monthly Bypass service report. The Safety Summary is only the first report to be launched in the Insights portfolio. The company is working with a group of carriers to determine other useful reports it can share with customers through its data analytics services.

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