Shane Gilliam senior vice president of sales at Noregon giving the company's presentation at the TMC Annual Meeting.  Photo: Jim Park

Shane Gilliam senior vice president of sales at Noregon giving the company's presentation at the TMC Annual Meeting. Photo: Jim Park

Noregon has issued a major update for its in-shop diagnostic and repair solution, JPro Professional 2018 v1. The release includes an improved NextStep troubleshooting and repair module, an education portal, a virtual truck for hands-on learning, and increased bi-directional tests.

NextStep now has tighter integration with JPro Professional, allowing users to perform many functions directly from the application. This is an industry first, where interactive real-time fault data and service information reside in the same application, according to Noregon. Technicians can view and clear fault data and launch bi-directional test directly from NextStep.

“We always look for ways to improve our products that will speed repairs and, in turn, improve vehicle uptime," said Dave Covington, chief technology officer for Noregon. “We use a component-based lookup; meaning if a new vehicle has components with existing coverage, users will not experience any lapses when working on that vehicle. This is different from many similar databases which store repair information based on VINs, slowing the process of updating coverage.”

Along with the integrated NextStep product, a standalone portal named NextStep Net is also available. It provides easily searchable troubleshooting guidance and fault information available on internet-connected PCs and tablets. NextStep Net is available as an a la carte solution or provided at no additional charge to JPro subscribers with the integrated NextStep.

Educational Improvements

The latest release of JPro also implemented features that demonstrate the company’s commitment to education.

Among the enhancements, is a feature dedicated to the regen process. The application alerts users from multiple screens if a forced regeneration is required or inhibited, and coaches the user as to why the vehicle is in a particular regen zone. Users have access to soot load information, derate and regeneration requirements, and a recommendation based on the vehicle’s current state in order to guide them to make the best decision for that vehicle.

Users who purchase the course have access to training materials and practice quizzes to expand their knowledge of the tool. Once users feel comfortable with the training materials, there is a 50-question final exam. Users who pass the final exam become certified; earning a diploma, and JPro Certification patches to sew on their work uniforms.

TripVision Upgrade

Noregon also announced a major upgrade to TripVision, a real-time fleet asset and performance management solution. TripVision offers vehicle health and safety monitoring features that monitor fleet vehicles and present actionable information to dispatchers to maximize uptime and decrease the number of unexpected breakdowns a fleet experiences.

"We have added features that present fleets with cost-saving opportunities by pinpointing issues affecting a vehicle’s performance," said Gilliam. "Addressing these issues will lead to improved fleet optimization."

TripVision is now available in both the Apple and Google Play stores for iOS and Android devices.