AxleTech International has rebranded as AxleTech to emphasize the “tech” in its name.

AxleTech International has rebranded as AxleTech to emphasize the “tech” in its name.

AxleTech International has rebranded as simply AxleTech with the aim of emphasizing the “tech” in its name, acknowledging its focus on and investments in being a technology company.

The new identity is aimed at reflecting AxleTech’s influence on systems and technologies between the wheels, represented by the circles within the A and H in the logo. A dramatic change in colors reinforces the focus on technology (slate gray) and new powertrain solutions, including e-axles (signified by green). “International” was eliminated from the name because it was unnecessary as AxleTech has operations in North America, Europe, India, Asia, and South America.

AxleTech provides advanced powertrain systems, axles, brakes, components, and aftermarket parts for heavy duty commercial vehicles.

“AxleTech is a technology company. Now our brand identity is catching up,” said Bill Gryzenia, CEO of AxleTech. “We have a long, rich history, but to have a successful future, we need agility and speed. We’re accomplishing this through new partnerships, expertise, solutions, thinking and technology.”

Since 2015, when the company was acquired by The Carlyle Group, AxleTech has expanded its engineering expertise and invested in new product development. AxleTech is using new technology and assets to develop e-axles, new independent suspension systems, variable-track axles and other systems, according to the company.

“Our previous brand served us well for almost two decades as we built upon our reputation for custom engineering and manufacturing. Given our broader transformation and capabilities, we have purposely emerged as a technology leader for commercial and defense vehicles. We want our brand to reflect that,” said Mary Petrovich, chairman of the board, AxleTech. “This new identity represents the relentless work of our entire global team that has thrust AxleTech into a leadership position for the next mobility era.”