Tenneco announced that it will introduce a new line of U.S.-manufactured gas-charged shock absorbers as its main product offering for the North American commercial vehicle market.

The new, all-black Monroe Magnum shock absorbers, engineered to help reduce cost per mile through outstanding durability, improved vehicle control and increased driver comfort and satisfaction, were introduced at the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week conference and expo in Las Vegas.

Commercially available beginning April 1, Monroe Magnum shock absorbers will combine an extensive range of advanced design and construction features engineered to address the increased demands of today’s hardworking over-the-road tractors and trailers, municipal, emergency, and other severe-use vehicles. Each shock will be covered by Monroe's 90-day risk-free ride offer and extensive technical and product application support.

Key quality and performance designs featured in Magnum shocks include a large-diameter nitrocarburized rod that provides improved compression control and side-load strength; PTFE-coated rod guide bearing that increases durability by minimizing friction between the rod and rod guide; robust hydraulic lock-out design that helps prevent over-extension of the suspension; larger diameter piston to provide greater tuning precision for each vehicle application; and Tenneco’s latest, advanced shouldered bushing design, where applicable, which helps prevent bushing extrusion and related concerns.

The new shocks also offer twice the pressure-tube thickness of many competing commercial vehicle shocks. Increased pressure tube thickness significantly reduces the chances of shock damage in extreme load and road conditions.

To learn more about Monroe shock absorbers for the commercial vehicle market, please contact your Monroe shocks supplier or visit the company's website