Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company has introduced the 4000D-X Composite TBR a new dry van trailer that weighs less than previous options and is designed for durability.

The 4000D-X Composite TBR model is engineered for heavy hauls that often incur a great deal of forklift abuse and lower wall rubbing, as well as with other features that help to deliver improved strength and long-term performance.

The 4000D-X Composite TBR is 10 inches taller and 50% thicker at floor level than the standard bottom rail. The riveted structural components including the wearband have been raised above the pallet impact, rub and work level, and are replaced by the smooth, solid one-piece interior surface of the thick, rugged aluminum Tall Bottom Rail.

The inside dimensions from wearband to wearband remain 101-inches. The new option also comes with a standard 20,000-pound floor rating.

“We’ve taken our proven 4000D-X Composite and loaded it with features that provide even more strength and durability,” said Larry Roland, director of marketing for Utility. “The new option weighs less than the competition, yet still offers a 65,000-pound GVWR with increased payload and decreased maintenance, which means an improved bottom line.”