Minimizer has partnered with manufacturer Isringhausen to produce its new Heavy Duty Truck Seats product line, offering six different seats.

“ISRI’s manufacturing prowess combined with Minimizer’s powerful brand creates a HD truck seat completely unique to the aftermarket,” said Gary Slater, ISRI USA general manager. “This is a standard that no other aftermarket seat can match.”

The seats are designed to be unique to the aftermarket with all six seats coming with a list of 14 standard features. The seats feature a 135-degree swivel base to allow a driver to spin the seat inboard of they want access to the cab. They are adjustable to different body types with both air height adjustment with memory as well as a physical shock absorber for improved driver comfort.

“One of the keys in proper ergonomic design is adjustability,” said Joseph Sweere, chiropractic doctor and tenured professor at Northwestern Health Sciences University. “It’s such a critical component.”

Drivers also have the option of choosing a heated backrest and seat cushion along with either a cooled backrest and seat cushion or massager. Minimizer subjects its seats to rigorous testing and the Heavy Duty Truck Seats line features a standard lifetime warranty.