Goodyear’s Endurance RSA tire is designed for fuel efficiency and durability in regional and urban delivery applications.

It is Goodyear’s best all-around tire for regional and delivery applications, according to the company, offering more miles to removal plus lower rolling resistance and more resistance to curb impact damage than its predecessor, the G661 HSA.

The tire also features Goodyear’s IntelliMax rib technology, with contoured sipes for better tread stiffness when the Endurance RSA rolls through its footprint. This helps provide regular wear and high-mileage potential as well as better snow and ice grip.

The redesign has a computer-optimized footprint and a 22/32-inch depth for better mileage. Goodyear steel casing with super tensile steel belts also provides added toughness and durability.

Endurance RSA uses dual-layer tread compounds for improved fuel economy and greenhouse gas compliance and has a casing designed for retreadability.

The tire will be available in 11 sizes starting with 11R22.5, Load Ranges G and H, in April 2016.