Meritor has launched the PlatinumShield III coating for aftermarket customers purchasing new and remanufactured Meritor brake shoes.

The third generation of the corrosion protectant refines the shoe preparation and coating process, improving cohesion of the PlatinumShield III coating to the brake shoe’s metal surface. The better cohesion improves the brake shoe’s resistance to corrosion.

Meritor developed PlatinumShield coating to resist micro-abrasion caused by movement of the brake lining against the shoe table during normal use. Rust-jacking occurs when rust forms on bare shoe metal under the lining, causing the lining to lift and crack.

"With the new process, the coating protects the brake shoe for a significantly longer period of time on the road, maximizing vehicle uptime and fleet profitability," said Pete Freeman, senior manager, aftermarket for Meritor.