MAC Trailer Manufacturing's new Lo-Pro Elite flatbed weighs just 12,280 pounds in "curtainsider" trim.

The Lo-Pro Elite flatbed is engineered to provide "ultimate" capacity for general building materials, pipe, and palleted general-freight loads, says MAC.

Load capacities are: 40,000 pounds in 4 feet; 43,000 pounds in 10 feet; 45,000 pounds in 20 feet; 50,000 pounds in 30 feet, and 70,000 pounds in 53 feet. With an empty weight of just 9,840 pounds on the base 53-feet x 102-inch trailer (no pockets, spools, or rub band), it's set up to receive the standard aluminum curtain-side kit from Sliding Systems, weighing another 2,440 pounds. That brings the total combination weight to a still light 12,280 pounds.

The manufacturer says the trailer is engineered with a low-profile 6.5-inch neck construction and "uniquely designed" crossmembers with an alloy upper-coupler plate that continues from the front formed pick-up plate through frame transition. Mating with a 47-inch fifth-wheel plate height, it offers 106 inches of inside height from the deck to the bottom of curtainside roof bows.

The rear deck height is 47.75 inches with the curtainside kit, the rear door opening 101 inches floor to header, and door width is 98.25 inches.

The trailer is available in a 122-inch spread tandem, a fixed closed tandem, closed tandem slider, and with front or rear sliding axles to meet specific hauling requirements in North America. It can be fitted with pockets, spools, and rub bands for specific hauls, of course, as well as with 'Conestoga style" sliding tarp systems.