Hendrickson Specialty Products Auxiliary Axle Systems debuted the new Toughlift brand of lift axles in April at Truck World, Toronto, Ontario.

This new platform was designed specifically to use round axles for non-steerable and steer applications in severe-or heavy-duty applications. The round tube axle design promotes up to an aggressive 25,000-pound capacity.

The Toughlift FM and FR non-steer models will replace the popular heavy-duty HLM model with capacities up to 25,000 pounds, as well as the high lifting HLR 13,000 and 18,000 pound capacity non-steer lift axles that have been used extensively over the years in both pusher or tag positions. 

The Toughlift LK is the first steer model to be added to this new platform. The LK was developed around an integrated leading kingpin and knuckle design for the dual tire steerable market. The demand for this dual tire steer feature is currently prevalent in Ontario, Canada and New York for 25,000 pound applications.