Meritor Wabco released an updated version of Toolbox, diagnostics and troubleshooting software.
With Toolbox 11.2, fleet customers using Meritor Wabco's ECAS product no longer need to supply a unique pin number to calibrate their ECAS systems, resulting in valuable time-saving. The new pin-less calibration of ECAS applies to all 12V systems.
The Toolbox 11.2 update, which is free of charge to current Toolbox 11 users, is now available for download 24 hours a day at
Meritor Wabco launched its comprehensive Toolbox 11 software package in May 2013. It features a more efficient user interface, improved navigation and an expanded help function. Additional features include diagnostics for:

  • The new generation of OnGuard, the first commercial vehicle collision safety system with active braking.
  • OnLane, a lane-departure warning system developed specifically for commercial vehicles.

Additionally, Toolbox 11 and 11.2 users can now download color video-recorded critical safety events captured by OnLane.