The high instance of deer collision in the Unites States is a well known problem, annually causing hundreds of fatalities, injuries into the tens of thousands, upwards of $3.5 billion in vehicle damage, many more millions in medical bills and lost productivity, and, of course, unnecessary death and injury to native wildlife.

ShuRoo is a unit that uses unique ultrasonic technology—one that humans cannot hear—to help prevent wildlife collisions—in particular, as its name suggest, with kangaroos, but it also works very effectively on deer, according to Owner-Manager, Justin Gore.

The design upgrades in place and fully field-tested in Australia, the ShuRoo team had always planned to turn their sights back to the U.S. market.

Upgrades to the new unit include the PCB being completely waterproofed; increased speaker protection with a new double-layer filter system; a chrome-plated fascia; and new user-friendly slimline design with external terminal plugs added to facilitate easier installation.