Pegasus TransTech has released a new version of Transflo Mobile, a solution to scan and submit delivery documents instantly.

Using Transflo Mobile on a compatible iPhone or Android phone, a driver can capture a signed bill of lading and send the image in real time from anyplace with cell phone service. With this newest release, a carrier also can send invoices and proof-of-delivery documents to a participating Transflo Velocity broker, 3PL, or factoring company.

Transflo Mobile is a free download for the driver or carrier from the Apple App Store or Google Play and runs on any iPhone or Android that has a 5 megapixels or better camera with autofocus.

Same-day transmission of documents needed for billing results in quicker settlement for drivers and healthier cash flow for carriers and brokers. Everyone gets paid sooner.

No training is required to use Transflo Mobile. A driver simply downloads the app, completes registration, then enters a specific carrier ID, and follows self-explanatory prompts. A carrier does the same when sending to a broker. All the necessary documents and data entries will be sent together in one transmission.

The app ensures visual quality by automatically cropping, properly aligning, and then enhancing document images on the phone. It converts images to black and white and compresses the file for a quicker, less costly transmission.