M.D. Alignment now offers a series of instructional videos for truck operators and repair shops, developed to improve understanding of irregular tire wear and its causes.

Based on a list of the most frequently asked questions from clients, the videos help operators identify the types of irregular tire wear they might be experiencing, help them identify the cause of the wear, and provide spec'ing, repair and service solutions to resolve the problems.

"This is the art and science of solving irregular tire wear," says M.D. Alignment's President, Mike Beckett. "The solutions proposed in each video are based on a combination of engineering, gut feeling and personal experience in dealing with irregular tire wear for more than 40 years."

As a follow-up to M.D. Alignment's books, "Truck Wheel Alignment, A Common Man's Guide," and "Common Sense for the Common Man, Tire Wear and Handling Seminar Handbook," the videos expand on those themes with live-action graphics, animation and shop-floor footage.

In an easy-to-understand and non-technical manner, Beckett takes viewers from identifying the problem to solving the problem in 15 to 30 minutes per video.

Alignment technicians, fleet owners and owner-operators will benefit from Beckett's understanding of the principles behind tire wear, and his ability to explain them in common language.

"With this video series, we set out to help customers solve their tire wear problems, not just to reset the truck to factory specs," Beckett says. "For a variety of reasons, the factory settings aren't always what's needed. We take an 'as-driven' approach to vehicle alignment and suspension performance, and help customers set their trucks for their environment and application."

Unlike M.D. Alignment's current online video archive, videos in this new series are delivered on a USB flash drive and are accompanied by MP3 audio files drivers can learn from while driving. Each flash drive holds 20 videos with more than five hours of commentary and discussion.

There are 20 videos in this first series, and two additional offerings are planned.

Topics covered in the first series include:

- Truck alignment 101 and 102 - the basics;
- Factory alignment spec vs. real-world as-driven alignment,
- Diagnosing mechanical problems associated with irregular tire wear;
- Cupping, feathering and edge wear causes and solutions;
- Inflation-related tire wear;
- Wear problems specific to wide-base single tires;
- Bearing adjustment, vibration diagnosis, and more.

Each video in the series can be previewed online for fee of $9.95, but access is limited to 14 days. If you preview a video, the cost will be credited to your order of the full series on flash drive.

To order, visit www.mdalign.com, and click on the "flash drive" video icon.

The product will be available Jan. 1.