PeopleNet announced a new integration with McLeod LoadMaster software that inserts fuel stops in the driver's route to optimize fuel purchases and consumption and curb out-of-route fuel expense.

Carriers equipped with PeopleNet Tablet or Blu onboard computers that run Automated Workflow and In-Cab Navigation, McLeod dispatch software, and a fuel optimization package can automatically insert the driver's dispatch fuel stops that optimize routing and reduce out-of-route miles.

Spoken directions make it easy for drivers to execute routes and easy for fleet managers to confirm and track fuel-stop arrival/departure.

Florilli Transportation CEO Murry Fitzer, whose fleet is currently beta testing the custom workflow integration, explained, "In addition to providing a consistently reliable, seamless way to save fuel expense at the pump and en route, spoken street-level directions and mapping take pressure off of drivers who until now have had to navigate text directions. This integration minimizes in-cab driver distractions to help drivers follow routes more safely, and eliminates wrong turns to make them more efficient."