National Interstate Insurance Company is expanding its trucking insurance program by targeting heavy haul, crane, and rigging operations. The program offers coverage for auto liability, physical damage, workers' compensation and general liability, and it is available in all states.

National Interstate's heavy haul, crane and rigging product portfolio includes a variety of design options based on the operator's risk appetite. Programs include traditional insurance and the company's premier group alternative risk transfer program, Titan, which offers the potential for reduced long-term insurance costs and annual return of premium and investment income.

"The heavy haul, crane and rigging industry is highly specialized, and we have creative insurance solutions to meet the needs of this market," says George Skuggen, assistant vice president of Truck Products. "Over the years we have expanded our products and coverages to address the demands of the industry. One example of this is our Titan program, which is a unique alternative risk transfer program designed specifically for specialized heavy haulers, rigging, millwright and crane operations."

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