LOUISVILLE, KY -- A new electronic onboard recorder promises to track driver logs and other information in an affordable device, featuring an integrated printer and USB data transfer, with no monthly fees.

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, which has 30 years of experience monitoring truck driver hours of service globally, unveiled the VDO RoadLog electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) for the North American commercial vehicle market during the Mid-America Trucking Show.

VDO RoadLog can automatically track the driver's time and provide a warning if allowable limits will be exceeded. The driver's data can be transferred in seconds from a USB (aka thumb drive).
RoadLog features a built-in printer, which provides an instant paper report of daily logbook data at roadside inspection.

VDO RoadLog can also record data for a variety of reports that can help make commercial vehicle operations safer and more efficient, including Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection (DVIR), International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and International Registration Plan (IRP).

The VDO RoadLog Fleet Management software provides all the key data needed to manage an unlimited number of drivers and vehicles. Fleet Managers can download drivers' data in seconds from the RoadLog Driver Key USB.

An optional wireless download feature will be available in 2013 to allow data collection via cellular network. For that option, a monthly cellular account will be required.

Permission to access data from the RoadLog EOBR is possible only with the Driver Key or Fleet Key USBs, so drivers and enforcement officials access only data that they need to see. RoadLog data is fully protected and tamper resistant, to ensure data integrity and data privacy. If corrections need to be made by the driver or fleet, the system notes who made the change and when.

VDO RoadLog offers "plug and play" installation, so it can be operational on any heavy-duty rig in a matter of minutes. It is FMCSA compliant and also meets Canadian rules. It's also designed to be easily upgradeable to future U.S. and Canadian EOBR regulations.

The suggested retail price is $499 for the device; the connecting cable to the engine's ECM will vary depending on vehicle and will be an additional charge.