The CEI Group enhanced its DriverCare Risk Manager online fleet risk and safety system, creating an "MVR Center" for fleet managers to track drivers with invalid licenses and order motor vehicle reports.

The new MVR Center replaces the display of Motor Vehicle Record data on the administrator home page, and is accessed by clicking on a bold logo near the top of the new home page.

"Previously, administrators had to scroll down their home page to see MVR information," says Brian Kinniry, CEI manager of risk and safety solutions. "Now, with one click, they get directed to a new MVR center page that features more information."

Leading the new MVR Center page is a list of every fleet driver with an invalid driver's license. The list names the driver, the type of problem (including suspended, revoked and expired license), the date of the MVR. The list also enables administrators to bulk order a new MVR report for one or

In addition, CEI made the following enhancements to DriverCare Risk Manager for administrators:

DriverCare Watch List Updates: CEI increased the download speed of its driver Watch List pages and created a new Watch List summary control on the Driver Details page that makes it easier for administrators to see at a glance all the Watch Lists a driver may be on. Watch lists are a user-customizable feature of DriverCare Risk Manager that alerts fleet managers to new events that wouldn't otherwise push selected drivers into a higher risk category.

Notes for Client-Defined Events: Administrators can now add notes to a driver's Driver Details page whenever one of these system-undefined event types is added to a driver's record.

"All of these represent either requests we've received from our clients or those that solved user-friendliness issues that emerged as we added more capabilities," Kinniry says.