Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering has developed a modular drum-top centrifuge processing system for cleaning contaminated fluids such as diesel fuel and engine oil.

Called The Fuel Factory, the system uses a set of precision centrifuges driven by an industrial gear pump that will separate any solid from the liquid. It will also remove water. The manufacturer says it will clean 216 gallons of waste oil per hour. The Fuel Factory will clean any waste motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid or vegetable oil -- and even dirty diesel fuel -- without filters.

The Fuel Factory is built on a precision powder coated 1/4-inch aluminum plate that holds the two centrifuges, pump, motor, switch and the easy pour 12-inch pour opening.

The Fuel Factory is designed to fit inside and just below the top edge of a standard 55-gallon open-top drum. By being below the top 1/2-inch, nothing can spill to the ground.

Users just pour the waste oil product through the pour opening, turn on the heater, turn on the pump and come back in 1-3 hours and the oil is cleaned. Time depends on oil temperature, time it take to heat to operation temperature of 160-180F and the amount of solids in the oil. In most applications 50 gallons is clean in 1 hour.

The processed oil in the Fuel Factory can be pumped to storage drums using the same pump that drives the centrifuges.

More info: www.dieselcraft.com