Bosch has launched the heavy-duty Long Haul Extreme alternator, designed to provide superior power output on the road and at idle,
with advanced electronics and design that ensure trouble-free operation, increased battery life and significant fuel savings.

The Long Haul Extreme brushed alternator eliminates the need for brushless technology, has a longer life and weighs up to 34% less than brushless alternators, according to the company.

Long Haul Extreme alternators come in two versions, producing respectively 170 and 200 amps at 6,000 alternator rpm operating output, and 120 and 122 amps at 2,000 alternator rpm. The Long Haul's high charge rate at lower engine rpm prolongs battery life by reducing deep cycling.

The alternator is built to operate under high temperature situations, with dual internal cooling fans optimized for maximum airflow. It operates at up to 74% efficiency, according to the company.

Long Haul Extreme is backed by Bosch's exclusive 36-month, 350,000-mile warranty, and advanced electronics and construction ensure fast installation and efficient, trouble-free operation.