Autocar formed a partnership with Federal Signal's Elgin Sweeper Company to develop a Class 7 cabover sweeper.

The two companies say they have co-developed the industry's first ground-up class 7 COE truck specifically for sweepers, as well as a Class 6. The companies have been sharing engineering design strategy and CAD data from the beginning of this development project.

Autocar's new Class 6 and 7 COEs, with an Autocar Xpert nameplate, will be assembled in Hagerstown, Ind. The Class 7 COE dual steer cab-chassis designed in partnership with Elgin will be shipped to Elgin, Ill., for sweeper body mount.

Autocar Xpert will make its formal debut at the APWA Show in Denver Sept. 20. Like all Autocar trucks, the Autocar Xpert will be exclusively offered with an Allison transmission.