SKF has teamed with MacLean-Fogg/Metform, the U.S. manufacturer of the Securex two-piece wheel nut, to be the sole aftermarket supplier of the SKF Securex two-piece nut for hub-piloted wheels.

SKF Two-Piece Wheel Nut
SKF Two-Piece Wheel Nut


Manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of J1965, the SKF Securex nut is designed to provide increased clamp force through more torque while maintaining optimized torque/tension, reducing total operating costs with extended life and improving fuel economy. Its premium materials, including a PTFE coating that protects against corrosion and friction, also help protect against unplanned downtime and premature failures.

The Securex M22 X 1.5 two-piece wheel nut fits most tractors and trailers with hub-piloted wheels. All SKF Securex wheel nuts feature the name stamped directly on the nut for easy identification.

The nuts come in a 10-piece box, or in a 300-piece bucket.