The Bendix Trailer Remote Diagnostic Unit (TRDU), engineered for use on most trailer ABS systems - including those from Bendix, as well as Wabco and Haldex - helps technicians identify diagnostic trouble codes.

The Bendix TRDU is designed to help technicians identify the exact location and component of the trailer ABS system problem.

"The Bendix TRDU has always been a helpful diagnostic tool that allowed technicians to quickly diagnose Bendix trailer ABS problems," said Fred Andersky, Bendix director of marketing - Controls. "By expanding the Bendix TRDU to non-Bendix trailer ABS systems, we're helping increase technician efficiency and on-the-job ease. And we're helping fleets and owner-operators keep trailers on the road delivering revenue."

Just 1.5 inches in diameter and less than 2 inches tall, the Bendix TRDU simply plugs into the trailer's seven-pin connector using an adaptor. The TRDU provides immediate system status, displaying which trailer ABS component - such as wheel speed sensors or modulators - is experiencing problems and its location with a colored LED light. The result is a quick diagnosis, freeing up maintenance staff to fix the problem rather than spending valuable time diagnosing it. Since it's portable, the Bendix TRDU can be taken into the shop or wherever else deemed necessary.

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